Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Compeititon Time

I want to give Steve Lamond (BeersIveKnown) a bit of a leg up on this. Steve is Beoir's Cider Officer. It's a tough job but fair balls to him, he's gone and organised their first Cider Competition, which is open to professional and amateur cider makers. I think some amateur cider makers in Ireland are past the Hail Mary stage, and some aren't, but several of the professionals are producing truly excellent stuff which has already won many awards.

I hope Steve himself is judging as he was at Sourfest, as his palate is truly exceptional.

The entry page is here, make sure to read all the background stuff. Judging will be April 22nd with entry closing a week earlier.

Don't let the BJCP-look to the site put you off, BJCP is not in use.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words Shane. I'll not be judging as the organiser as I'll know who has entered and I'd probably recognise a number of the ciders in any case...This will of course not stop me from "quality control" on the day ;)