Saturday, 31 December 2016

The Best Irish Sour Beers of 2016

...according Utappd users.

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Boundary Brewing Sour Bake 20164.2466274
Boundary Brewing Chloe Dancer4.2177431
YellowBelly BeerCastaway4.15115
YellowBelly BeerJack Bauer's Power Shower Sour4.0681844
YellowBelly BeerFor Whom the Sour Trolls4.0518953
Otterbank Brewing Co. Beta Barrel 13.9852917
Eight Degrees Brewing No Way Gose3.9675
Boundary Brewing Silver Lining3.9225
Boundary Brewing A Berliner Vice: Derek3.9062516
Galway Bay Brewery Godspeed3.89764254
YellowBelly BeerClub Tropicana3.87534
Galway Bay Brewery The Eternalist3.84565230
Kinnegar Brewing Walla Walla3.8443998
Boundary BrewingA Berliner Vice #4 - Nearly Nilsson3.8421119
Metalman Brewing Spicy Cucumber And Fruit Sour3.8333315
Trouble Brewing Weisse City3.825463
Kinnegar Brewing High Glen3.82453161
YellowBelly BeerGreat For the Town3.80414157
Kinnegar Brewing Sour Grapes3.8037690
Galway Bay Brewery Maybe Next Monday3.78804276
Boundary Brewing A Berliner Vice #23.7870427
Kinnegar Brewing Geuzberry3.7839581
Brown Paper Bag Project Aul Bruin Bagger3.77245245
Boundary Brewing Milk Agitator3.738163
Rascals Brewing Co Project Sour: #1 the Hoppy One3.7265664
Brown Paper Bag Project Gose3.7147185
Boundary Brewing Push & Pull: Funkacidic3.7142928
Boundary Brewing Sourish Bake 20153.6969733
O'Hara's BreweryWild Side3.687516
Hope Beer Peach And Blueberry Sour3.66667111
White Gypsy Brewery Sour Stout3.6532331
Galway Bay Brewery Brigid/Ceasefire Rhubarb Sloe3.64765425
The White HagThe PĂșca3.64062768
The Open Gate Brewery Damson Plum Sour3.62520
Rascals Brewing Co Project Sour #3: Forest Fruit Sour3.6120758
Galway Bay Brewery Space Suit3.58648159
White Gypsy Brewery Scarlet3.57031127
Rascals Brewing Co Project Sour #2: Seriously Saison3.5408249
The White HagBeann Gulban Irish Heather Sour Ale3.525191429
Galway Bay Brewery Heathen3.52252433
Boundary Brewing A Berliner Vice #13.4246673
Metalman Brewing Razzbeer3.42325114
Metalman Brewing Razzbeer3.42325114
The White HagSearbh Rua Imperial Sour Red3.22043575
IndependentConnemara Cherry Sour3.19186129
Boundary Brewing Vilca Weisse3.17520

The wisdom of the crowd. May not be perfect, but it is what it is.

Big news this month is Boundary's Sour Bake 2016 has taken the top spot, and deservedly so. My Irish beer of the year, a beer which shows you can't hurry perfection.

From next month this list will only include beers that were available in the previous 3 months as a lot of these were specials for 2016.

Happy New Year!

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