Tuesday, 29 November 2016

All Irish Sour Beers Ranked - December 2016

...by Utappd users.

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Boundary BrewingChloe Dancer4.2177431
YellowBelly BeerCastaway4.15132114
YellowBelly BeerJack Bauer's Power Shower Sour4.0681844
YellowBelly BeerFor Whom the Sour Trolls4.0518953
Otterbank Brewing Co.Beta Barrel 13.9852917
Boundary BrewingSilver Lining3.9225
Boundary BrewingA Berliner Vice: Derek3.9062516
Galway Bay BreweryGodspeed3.89764254
YellowBelly BeerClub Tropicana3.87534
Hope BeerPeach And Blueberry Sour3.8595973
Kinnegar BrewingWalla Walla3.8453697
Galway Bay BreweryThe Eternalist3.84498229
Boundary BrewingA Berliner Vice #4 - Nearly Nilsson3.8421119
Metalman BrewingSpicy Cucumber And Fruit Sour3.8333315
Kinnegar BrewingSour Grapes3.8176585
Kinnegar BrewingHigh Glen3.81719160
YellowBelly BeerGreat For the Town3.81376149
Trouble BrewingWeisse City3.8073861
Galway Bay BreweryMaybe Next Monday3.78804276
Boundary BrewingA Berliner Vice #23.7870427
Kinnegar BrewingGeuzberry3.7839581
Brown Paper Bag ProjectAul Bruin Bagger3.76042240
Rascals Brewing CoProject Sour: #1 the Hoppy One3.7539763
Boundary BrewingMilk Agitator3.741861
Brown Paper Bag ProjectGöse3.7202484
O'Hara's BreweryWild Side3.687516
Galway Bay BreweryBrigid/Ceasefire Rhubarb Sloe3.66888376
Boundary BrewingPush & Pull: Funkacidic3.6666724
Boundary BrewingSour Bake3.6562532
The White HagThe Púca3.65031642
Metalman BrewingRaspberry Chilli Sour3.6304323
Rascals Brewing CoProject Sour #3: Forest Fruit Sour3.62534
Rascals Brewing CoProject Sour #2: Seriously Saison3.6220943
The Open Gate BreweryDamson Plum Sour3.6093816
Metalman BrewingRazzbeer3.5882434
Galway Bay BrewerySpace Suit3.5828157
The White HagBeann Gulban Irish Heather Sour Ale3.531251392
Galway Bay BreweryHeathen3.52151430
DOT BrewSour Cherry Apricot3.465
Boundary BrewingA Berliner Vice #13.4246673
The White HagSearbh Rua Imperial Sour Red3.22847569
IndependentConnemara Cherry Sour3.18595121
Boundary BrewingVilca Weisse3.17520

It's not perfect, but it's a start. This uses some code I wrote to pull the rankings from Untappd and format them into the table you see above. I manually built the list of beers so let me know if I've missed any.

Untappd doesn't aggregate scores for beers with less than ten ratings, so they don't appear on the list. Most with less than ten seem to be duplicates that were probably entered by users who couldn't find the official brewery entry -- which reminds me, if your brewery has a beer (any beer) coming out, it's a good idea to add it to Untappd before release to make sure you get the check-ins in the right place.

Observations on the list itself: as you can see a few Irish breweries dominate in terms of volume, but there are fifteen breweries there in total. In 2015 that would have been no more than three or four, so things are on the up. The other observation is that by and large all these are quick sours. With barrel projects coming on line hopefully we'll see more complex sours in 2017.

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