Friday, 30 October 2015

2015 Harvest Apple Juice Delivery

Davy and some of the cider in Leixlip
Regular readers will know that every year I organise a bulk buy of fresh apple juice from Davy Uprichard, the man behind Tempted? Cider, for consumption among friends and like-minded appley people, this year being no different.

A bit of ping pong between myself and Davy over the last few months culminated with Davy pressing our apples at midday on October 27th, and six hours later he personally delivered almost 1.5 tonnes to Leixlip. Davy's bit of a legend anyway, but even moreso in that the juice arrives ready to just have yeast added to it, though this year a lot of the juice hasn't been sulphited on request. I had spoken to Davy about a single variety press too, and though I would have preferred Granny Smith, it wasn't available and upon his advice I ordered a few hundred litres of Golden Delicious. Davy uses GD as the base juice in his strawberry cider.

Vital stats of the blend:

  • Blend, 25% each of Dabinett, Michelin, Falstaff, Lord Lambourne. Slightly different to last year but Davy reckons it's better.
  • pH is about 3.7, adjusted with malic acid to keep microbes in check.
  • OG 1.048, should ferment to 6.3% or more if untouched.
  • Sulphited to 50ppm to keep wild yeast at bay.
My personal stash consists of 3 x blend, 1 x Golden Delicious, 1 x Golden Delicious/Dabinett blend and 1 x Dabinett, all unsulphited and left to ferment on the natural yeast... nothing added but nutrient.

After unloading the van, Davy and myself went for a bite to eat in the Courtyard Hotel, the site of Arthur Guinness's first brewery, where we had a chat about business plans. I can't reveal anything other than there are exciting times ahead... like with the juice we've just go to wait and see, but it should be good, very good indeed!