Saturday, 18 April 2015

Announcing SOURFEST 2015

It gives us great pleasure to announce SOURFEST™ 2015!

With the explosion in sour beers it was always going to happen. Ok, so it's not quite a beer festival (yet, wink wink!), but September 26th 2015 should see the best sour beers in Britain and Ireland crowned. Categories are to be fully ironed out, but will reflect what is going on in the world of sour beer. YES, this is a sour beer competition! Or rather two of them. And maybe more!

This has twin non-competing threads: a professional thread for commercial breweries to compete, and an amateur thread for homebrewers.

SOURFEST is open to all brewers in the UK and Ireland, and is being hosted in conjunction with our friends at Boundary Brewing Co-op in the historic city of Belfast.

Keep an eye out for the full website, launching in May, which will have all the details.

All profits will go to a good charity, but we haven't chosen one yet. If you have a charity you'd like to nominate, or for any other queries please email